Sunday, November 21st 2021 - 1 goal

It was a cold Sunday evening. Perfect conditions for a game of football. Before the game started, I had 10 more goals to reach my goal of 50 goals.

The game started off with a very fast pace, and there were several strong challenges within the opening few minutes. However, despite all the players' obvious enthusiasm, there was nothing to show for it on the scorecard.

A long ball was swept over the top to me in the centre forward position and I found myself battling with a player about 25cm shorter than me. I spotted that the ball was going to land between us and the goal, so I got goalside of my man and pinned him behind me.

The ball bounced just outside the D, and I was still holding off the oppostition defender. I let it roll once before releasing a tame effort into the back of the net. The defender then told me he could have won the ball, but it would have involved taking me out. Okay, mate.

Luckily for him, I ended up taking myself out of the game not long later. I was pressing a bit too enthusiastically and tried closing the goalkeeper down when there was really no need to. I lunged for the ball and he rolled it away from where I was heading. I tried to readjust, but ultimately ended up twisting my ankle and effectively ending my 2021 campaign prematurely.

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