Sunday, October 10th 2021 - 2 goals

Frequent readers of this blog may be under the impression that I like to wait until the opposition get tired late in the game before striking on the counter. This game started off very differently. I started the game off quickly and proactively.

From within my own half, I ran out to intercept an opposition path as it crossed the half way line. My opponent was eager to atone for his mistake and was pursuing me before I’d even made contact with the ball. Then I was running towards the top left hand corner of the pitch, with the defender trying to cut off my angles. I cut inside forcing the opposition player to to turn around. I then took the ball outside again with my right foot having made some good space for myself before rocketing it into the bottom left hand corner with a powerful left footed shot that managed to take my right leg out completely leaving me with my arse on the floor.

My personal highlight of the game was when I received the ball in the half space with no teammates in front of me and no way of going forward. I ran backwards and took on pretty much every one on the oppositions team whilst following the path of an upside down question mark. I managed to get a shot off but the goalkeeper was equal to it and parried it away. If it had managed to find the back of the net, it definitely would have been in contention for my personal goal of the year.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I’m finishing off this update over two months after the game actually took place, so I have actually forgotten about my second goal entirely. All I know was that it was spectactular and all who were lucky enough to be in attendance were left awestruck

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